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Fuel Tuck'd F-Series Fuel Filter Tuck Kit

Image of Fuel Tuck'd F-Series Fuel Filter Tuck Kit


The FuelTuck'd fuel line kit was designed for those people looking to clean up there engine bay. Give it the tucked look. Our kits are made in the USA and are built to last.

Includes all parts needed to making installing very easy for even the not so mechanically inclined individual.

* No need to flare hardline like every other kit on the market.

* You will receive a email within 24hrs after ordering for additional information.

*We ask for 5-7 business days to process all orders*

** Disclaimer**

Professional installation is required. Fuel Tuck'd is not responsible for any loss or damages that result from improper installation of products.

Fuel Tuck'd products are intended for off road use only.