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Fuel Tuck'd Power Steering Delete/Loop Kit


Our Power Steering Looping Kit is designed to loop your steering rack for those who wish to delete there power steering. The kit loops the inlet and outlet ports of the steering rack. Our kit uses a durable lightweight hoses and the highest quality AN fittings.

What Comes in the Kit
Black Nylon Hose
Black or Red/Blue AN Hose End Fittings
Black or Red/Blue AN Fittings for Steering Rack
Black or Red/Blue AN Plug for Steering Rack (eg/dc app.)

*We ask for 5-7 business days to process all orders*

** Disclaimer**

Professional installation is required. Fuel Tuck'd is not responsible for any loss or damages that result from improper installation of products.

Fuel Tuck'd products are intended for off road use only.